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Tree Planting

Committed to preserving picturesque greenery and landscapes in the Hartford region for many years, TTK Custom Services knows how and where to plant a single tree or a series of them to create an attractive effect on your commercial or residential Hartford property. Professional tree planting is more than just digging a hole in the ground and dropping in a sapling – with our experience and expertise, we can give your trees the best possible start. If you want your trees to have a long healthy life so they can enhance your property for years to come, call TTK Custom Services today to inquire about our tree planting services.

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Tree Care Experts in Hartford

Important Factors in Tree Planting

TTK Custom Services’s qualified work closely with clients to achieve their goals and carefully consider many factors before planting, including:

  • Overhead power lines and other obstructions
  • Soil depth, pH, and texture
  • Climate conditions
  • Root restrictions
  • Suitable species
  • Light exposure
  • Soil Drainage
  • Wind exposure
  • Canopy space

There Is Always a Good Reason to Plant a New Tree

Whether you have just purchased a new property, are looking to create more shade, or have just undergone a tree removal and wish to add some natural beauty to your landscape in Hartford, our qualified work crew can review the many options for installing the right tree that matches your vision.

Evaluation From Certified Experts

TTK Custom Services’s certified experts offer thorough assessments of your property in consultation with our landscape designer and the top quality nurseries in Hartford. All TTK Custom Services tree planting is carried out according to strict arboriculture guidelines. Warranty and ongoing maintenance packages are also available.

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