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Wall Tiles

Whether your preference is marble or a rare natural stone, getting the correct tile for your bathroom or kitchen is perhaps the most important part of the process. At TTK Custom Services LLC we offer a wide range of wall tiles as well as layout options that will enhance your home’s individual characteristics. Call us today to learn more about the service we offer.

Affordable Wall Tiles with TTK Custom Services LLC

At TTK Custom Services LLC, when we describe our tiles as being durable and cost-effective, we are invariably talking about our ceramic tiling options. While, it could be inaccurate to suggest that all ceramic tiles are cheap, the fact of the matter is that if you want the ultimate bang for your buck, then you need to choose ceramic tiles. The fact of the matter is that ceramic is one of the most popular types of tile because it allows homeowners and businesses to select a reliable type of tile that can enhance the aesthetic qualities of their home without compromising on budget.

Another benefit of wall tile is that they are malleable enough so that they can be molded into a wide range of colors and shapes, making customization far easier. One of the very few, or only, drawbacks of ceramic wall tiles is that unlike their marble counterparts, they are quite porous in nature. This means that they must have a glaze applied to them to guarantee optimal results.

TTK Custom Services LLC Tile Flooring

Choose the Right Wall Tile Layout for Your Home

There are a wide range of tile layouts to choose from. Some of our most popular include:

Brick: Perhaps, one of the most classic and timeless tile layout options. This is a particularly good fit with subway tiles and its rectangular shape can make it the perfect option for almost any space. A brick layout can look especially impressive when it is paired with an opposing grout color. For example, a darkened or beige grout with white tiles is a guaranteed winning combination.

Vertical Brick: Similar to the more traditional horizontal brick layout, the vertical brick is often used for rooms that might have a low ceiling. The natural heightening qualities of this type of layout also make it perfect for small or converted bathrooms. This variation on a classic theme is a perfect way of making a unique statement without going too crazy!

Oversized Brick Option: An enhanced version of the regular horizontal brick option, the oversized brick can look great in a bigger room where a smaller tile layout may look lost or slightly out of place.

Stacked Brick Look: Possibly the simplest option when it comes to tile layout, the stacked brick is a perfect option for a kitchen with monochromatic colored tiles. This modern look is ideal for an apartment or condo, or for a homeowner who wants to contrast a lot of wood furnishings and other warm colors with a cleaner tile appearance.

Mosaics: Small sheets of mosaic tiles, usually in pastel colors, can transform a small bathroom immediately.

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Looking for wall tile installation near you? Look no further than TTK Custom Services LLC. Contact us today for all your wall tiling needs.

Tile Repair

Whether you are looking to repair the tiles in your bathroom or want to have the necessary changes made to your kitchen floor, TTK Custom Services LLC should be the first number you call. Offering an affordable service that puts your tile repair priorities top of the list with opening hours suited to meet even the busiest of schedules, there is no reason not to opt for us. With such a quality offering, it is understandable that our tiling repair service is envied by so many but rivalled by so few. So, why settle for second best, when the number one team is here for you to use? Call us today and let our team help you. We promise, you won’t regret it.

TTK Custom Services LLC’s Unmatched Tile Repair Service

We fully understand how frustrating a cracked, chipped or other type of damaged tile can be for your home or business. The fact of the matter is that different types of tiles will be repaired in different ways. In general, natural stone tiles can be comfortably filled with a close or exact match filler while others—such as ceramic or porcelain—may need to be completely removed and re-installed. On top of that, the larger the tile, the more work that will need to be undertaken to ensure that the tile is repaired to its previous best. Similarly, thicker tiles also require significantly more labor hours to repair.

Experienced Tile Matching

Having immense experience in the tile repair industry, we have access to rare tile types and sizes. So, if you are struggling to find a match for your specific tile type, then you need to give our winning service a try. On top of that, our skilled team of repair technicians also carry a range of primers and adhesives to suit all kinds of tiles along with an extensive selection of grouts so that your replaced tile is as good as new. Trust us, we will exceed all your expectations.

Repairing Damaged Tile Caulking

The fact of the matter is that moldy caulking is unsightly and unsanitary. On top of that, it can also allow water to leak into walls. This problem happens most commonly at the joint between the bathtub and the shower tiles. If these problems aren’t corrected in a timely manner, then further damage can occur. Our professional team of repair technicians can remove the old caulk, thoroughly drying and wiping the surface with a solvent and applying a new bead of mildew-resistant caulk to open the joint.

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When it comes to the best tile repair team in this area, you really don’t need to look beyond TTK Custom Services LLC. Combining our experience with the most advanced tile repair techniques, we guarantee to offer a service that will simply not be rivalled. In the end, with TTK Custom Services LLC’s top-quality work, nobody will be able to tell if a tile has been repaired or replaced. Contact us today!